Employee Identity Theft Protection


Benefits of Employee Identity Theft Protection



Your employees are your most valuable asset. You’ve invested significant time and money to find them, train them, and make them a member of your team. By offering them Identity Protection through Enfortra you will reinforce your commitment to them and their well-being. Our Employee Identity Theft Protection Solutions leave nothing to guesswork and guarantee optimal customer satisfaction and employee benefits

Build Customer Engagement


For new hires, changing jobs is incredibly stressful. Not only are they moving into a new environment, but a new job brings a ripple effect throughout their lives such as a new email address, new health insurance, a possible move, and much, much more. It also helps in build customer engagement.


Recognizing this and offering a strong identity protection solution as part of your overall Total Rewards package, will differentiate you from other companies and also provide your employees with peace of mind.


Our Employee Identity Theft Protection Solution includes:

  • Best-in-class services 

  • Your choice of white label, co-brand or direct branding

  • Simple to implement and manage

  • A choice of plans 

  • Automated reporting

  • And most importantly, you own and maintain complete control over your employees’ data!


We also offer our solutions as a pass-through service, enabling you to provide Identity Protection to your employees while creating a new revenue stream for your department.

Contact us today to schedule a demo and learn firsthand how Enfortra can tailor an Employee Identity Theft Protection Package and be a vital solution for your business.

Frequently asked questions

As a business, how can we adopt safety measures?

All the businesses are supposed to maintain and regularly check the company credit report. Regular checking can ensure and minimize the chances of fraud.

How can we prove that the theft has taken place?

This process can be followed by regularly uploading all transactions. For example, withdrawals are made, which you are not aware of, bills are not arriving on time, and unnecessary debts that are getting accumulated, unrecognizable charges on the credit report.

Can someone steal your identity with just your name?

By knowing only your name, it is hard to conduct a fraud. However, knowing your name is the first stage. If the hacker knows both your name and address, then the fraud might take place.

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