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Enfortra offers a new breed of white label identity theft protection solutions for our customers. In an increasingly connected world, cybercrime, identity theft, and fraud pose a significant risk to everyone. No longer are hackers targeting just the largest corporations. The value of an individual’s private data continues to grow as criminals become more efficient in harvesting and using personally identifiable information. Unraveling the aftermath of identity theft is both time consuming and expensive. You have to identify a company that offers anti identity theft software to stay protected against fraudsters.

Identity Theft Protection Software


Enfortra has re-imagined identity theft protection software which provide the largest array of products and services that can be found anywhere. Our platform provides you a complete suite of white label solutions including Identity Data Theft Protection, white label credit monitoring, and white label credit reports, all delivered through best-in-class, simple to use platform.

We enable you to build loyalty, drive retention, and generate revenue.

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Account and Profile Monitoring

Proactively monitoring your digital footprint is the cornerstone of a strong identity protection program.

Our platform will immediately warn you of any suspicious activity, in the manner you specify.

Knowing is only half the battle. Enfortra provides an action plan to quickly react and make the recovery process as easy as possible.

16.7 M

​Total # of U.S. fraud victims in 2017


Total U.S. fraud losses in 2017

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Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible if cybercrime occurs?

Any organization running any business has to follow proper data security protection services. Despite the safety in place, there are still chances that the hacker can trace and misuse the data. Whenever such a fraud takes place, the CEO of the company is one who is liable. However, the company can assign roles and take care of the best remedial action to be taken.

What is the prevention of cybercrime?

How can we protect ourselves from the occurrence of a cyber-crime?

Any system which you are using or any form of mobile device you are using has a chance to get caught by any form of viruses or hacker attack. It is essential to set privacy for all data. Download genuine software from the aright portal only. Also, update the system on a timely basis.

What are the Top 5 cybercrimes?

There are different types of cybercrimes. We can share the main types with you. One of them is called the phishing scam, in which the hacker targets to obtain personal data from the system. The other one is an identity theft scam. Other mostly common complaints that come up by people can involve cyberstalking and online harassment being one of them.

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